About us

Flow Measurement Specialties Limited is an Instrumentation Sales and Service Company located in south Trinidad, whose main focus is on measurement solutions geared towards the energy sector.

We have been at the forefront of the industry as the preferred service provider for repairs, calibration and meter proving services. FMSL handles more than 95% of sampling business in Trinidad and Tobago. We offer 24-hour service supports with our team of dedicated workers in a well-equipped workshop.

To be the leader of Measurement Solutions by offering engineered systems and applicable technology through a team of competent and dedicated employees.

 FMSL Services include

  • Relief Valve Servicing and Testing
  • Control Valves & Actuators Repairs
  • Flow Meter Repairs
  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • On site Flow Meter Proving
  • Hydrostatic Pump Repairs and Testing.
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Sampling Systems
  • Process Calibrator/Controllers Calibrations
  • Master/Process Gauge Calibrations
  • Pressure Modules/Calibrators Calibrations
  • Deadweight Testers Calibrations
  • Calipers Calibrations
  • Durometer Calibrations
  • Force Gauge Calibrations

  • Micrometers Calibrations
  • Torque Wrench Repairs and Calibrations
  • Crimping Tools Calibrations
  • Insulation Testers Calibrations
  • Digital Multimeter Calibrations
  • Clamp Meter Calibrations
  • Data Loggers Calibrations
  • Mega-Ohmmeters Calibrations
  • Earth Ground Testers Calibrations
  • Resistance Decade Boxes Calibrations
  • Oscilloscopes and Scope Meters Calibrations
  • LCR Meter Calibrations
  • Dial Gauges Calibrations
  • Dynamometer Calibrations