Multi-Port Gauge Valves

V series multi-port gauge valve

6,000psi Rated
* 1/2" NPT M x F and F x F Avaialble
The "GV" series provides an economical method of mounting pressure gauges, manometers, pressure transducers or transmitters and includes vent and blanked port facilities or additional drains in a circuit or system.

Both 1/2” and 3/4” have 1/2” side ports. Especially suited as a method of using a manometer and a sample manometer or a transmitter and manometer simultaneously. Compact 1/4” all around version also available. Manufactured in 316 S11 stainless steel, Ali-Bronze, and variuos super alloys to suit corrosive applications.

Standard lenght, 2" extended male (option -EXT50) and 4" extended male end (option -EXT100) are avalable (See data sheet below).

Other options such as hand wheels and locking devices are available,