Residential Diaphragm Gas Meters

Dresser residential diaphragm gas meters are compact in size and lightweight. They are rugged, with cases that are die-cast aluminum or sheet steel and 100% corrosion-proof. These meters are very accurate and equipped with a connection for remote reading with LF pulse emitter. Our residential diaphragm meters feature: synthetic diaphragms for longer life, moving parts are encased in self-lubricating material for increased accuracy and are available in a version with top-readable totalizer.

Features & Benefits

  • Diaphragm Meters Model NP 12/110 – an excellent meter for residential use, designed with innovative criteria for fully automated assembling.

  • Diaphragm Meters Model NP 50/250 - can measure any type gas, such as town gas, methane, cracking gas, LPG, etc.