Micro Modem GPS/GPRS

The Dresser micro GSM/GPRS modem incorporates the Multi-Tech model MTMMC-G-F2 dual band GSM/GPRS modem. Opto-isolators provide an Intrinsically Safe certified unit specifically designed to work with the Dresser range of micro series products including volume correctors and data loggers.

Features & Benefits

  • Internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery

  • Seven internal LEDs to assist during installation or troubleshooting

  • One external LED displays GSM network, power & communication status

  • Weatherproof cast aluminum housing rated to NEMA 4X

  • Power saving feature, ON/OFF, can be controlled from the MC2, the IMCW2 and the ML2

  • External antenna for optimum signal location

  • 850/1900 MHz Dual Band (Multi-Tech)

  • Simple mechanical and electrical installation