Electronic Volume Corrector

The Dresser electronic volume corrector takes incoming pulses from a meter and records the pressure and temperature to calculate the standard cubic feet of gas that has passed through the meter.

The corrector consists of the Dresser micro corrector 2(MC2) and the Dresser integral micro corrector (IMC W2). The EVC units can be ordered as T-only, P-only, PTZ, T with DP and PTZ with DP.

Features & Benefits

  • Integral Micro Corrector - a direct replacement for the mechanical index in the field.

  • ID/Wall-Mount Micro Corrector - can be ordered with an external pressure transducer for correction purposes and a secondary pressure transducer for a wide variety of reasons.

  • DP Micro Corrector - can easily be modified for forward or reverse motion. The unit can also be changed from CF, CCF, or MCF by adjusting the slide.

  • Accessories – Micro Generator converts the rotation of the meter impellers into electrical energy, while simultaneously providing volume pulses to the Micro Corrector), and Micro Power (for use with the Dresser Micro Series range of products when an Intrinsically Safe certified low power supply is required in the hazardous area).