D800 Rotary Meter

The Dresser D800 meter offers improved natural gas measurement accuracy and lower cost of ownership over commercial diaphragm meters.

Building upon the sustained long-term accuracy of Dresser metering products, the Dresser D800 meter sets a new standard in rotary meter performance. With an exceptional average start rate of only 0.30 ACFH (stop rate of 0.15 ACFH) and a rapid ramp up to +/- 1% accuracy at only 8 ACFH, the D800 meter provides a sustained, non-adjustable measurement accuracy from pilot loads up to 1700 ACFH.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently lubricated bearings

  • Fixed non-adjustable accuracy

  • Excellent low flow capabilities

  • Ferrule (spud) size and dimensions matching most 800/1000 Class diaphragm meters

  • Reduced size and weight

  • Mechanical flow indication (0.0074 cf/rev)

  • PT1000 RTD Temperature compensation

  • 20-year average battery life