Chatterbox-e Isolation Unit

The Dresser Chatterbox-e isolation unit provides safety isolation between equipment generating pulses in the hazardous area and non-intrinsically safe equipment located in the safe area.

Opto-isolators provide four isolated volt-free contacts from low frequency pulses generated by gas meters or volume correctors installed in the hazardous area. Dresser Chatterbox-e isolation units operate from a self-contained power supply lasting in excess of 10 years and is therefore suitable for installation in remote and difficult environments without the need for an external power supply.

Features & Benefits

  • 10 Year battery life from two 1/2 AA lithium cells.

  • Standard four channels.

  • Channel selections via switches on the circuit board.

  • Standard two output connectors.

  • Certified Instrinsically Safe.

  • Weatherproof cast aluminum NEMA 4X.

  • Simple mechanical and electrical installation.

  • Single or multiple outputs from single input.