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Probes and Miscellaneous Products

Welker also designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of regulators, relief valves and other components for instrumentation. All these, as well as Welker's custom engineered control packages and chemical injection systems, utilize Welker's innovative technology and patented designs for the industry. Welker's headquarters - located in Sugar Land, TX - feature over 70,000 square feet of office and manufacturing facilities. ISO-9001 certified since 1992, Welker continues to anticipate and answer the needs of the oil and gas industries with creative and innovative measurement equipment.


Automatic Insertion Devices

AIP3MI Automatic Insertion Probe

Diffusing Probe


Probe Calculations

Probe Calculation Sheet (PDF)


AP3MI Adjustable Probe with Injection Nozzle


Automatic Insertion Devices Brochure

Automatic Insertion Siphon

Automatic Insertion Temperature Probe

Automatic Insertion with Corrosion Coupon

SP2/PP2 Standard and Pitot Probe


Flow Limiting Nozzle

OIP Oil Injection Pump


Welker Service

Welker Systems

Limited Warranty