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Crude Oil Samplers

The Welker Crude Oil Sampler is the industry's only true isokinetic design, extracting a sample from the pipeline flow for analysis of brine, sediment and water content. Major oil companies and petroleum cargo inspection agencies worldwide rely on the Welker Crude Oil Sampler for pinpoint accuracy and reliability.

LSM6F Series Crude Oil Probe Sampler
LSM6FAI Auto Insertion Crude Oil Probe Sampler
LSM-12FT Isokinetic Sampler
LSSM-1 Sampler

Bite Checker AVA-1 & AVA-2

Crude Oil Sample Containers
CPCCP Constant Pressure Crude Oil Container
SCC5 Crude Oil Sample Container
TCC2/TCC5 Transportable Crude Oil Sample Containers
TCC3/5XE/MSTCC Transportable Crude Oil Containers
Typical Crude Oil Sampling System