'3VR' Series 3 Valve Pipe-to-pipe Manifold

3 Valve Manifold Remote Mounted / Pipe-to-Pipe

6,000 psi and 10,000 psi Rated

The three-valve isolation manifold remote mounted (pipe to pipe). Used mainly in differential pressure transmitters and static instrument applications. The 3VR has two process isolation valves and one equalisation valve to equalise the two sides. Standard 1/2” inlet x 1/2” outlet. Incorporated all the standard long service life features of the standard “N” series needle valve, multi-ring piston style packings, back sealing facility.

The unique anti-rotational cam locking device is an addition safety feature of the range. Most standard options such as locking devices are available. Mounting holes supplied as standard for wall or bracket mounting. Process and instrument sides are both on 54mm centres to correspond with transmitter connections.