Compact Needle Valve Distribution Manifolds

The Alco NVDM compact, integral needle valve type, high integrity distribution manifolds come in our standard configuration - Valve orientations come in 3 formats type A, B or C for ease of use and maximise space envelope utilisation and operator access.

They are Double sided, Angled and single (as shown on the data sheet section below) or to client specifications.

NVDM can be supplied with up to 20 take-off valves. Inlet and drain connections can be made to specification, this includes flanges i.e. 150 lbs. RF socket / butt weld, threaded or even compression type tube connectors.

M10 base mounting holes are supplied as standard to make installation easier. Take off connections are 1/4” or 1/2” in size. Working pressures range from vacuum up to 6,000 psi & 10,000 psi. Certain options also apply 'CLICK' the options button below to see more.