3 Way Heavy Duty Ball Valves, 6,000 PSI & 10,000 PSI

The Rhino valve is aptly named due to its strong and rugged
construction and high design specification. The Rhino is a true “heavy duty small bore” multi-purpose ball valve that will withstand arduous
services and unkind operator treatment.

The Rhino can deliver a greater field life than other valves presently available in the market place.
Because of this the Rhino would suit any application where it may
experience shock loading, impacts, thermal changes in excess of normal
application parameters. Or any application where extra confidence is
required to be sure failure is minimised. The Rhino is available in sizes
1/4” to 1” with threaded, socket weld or twin ferrule compression ends.
Available in side or bottom entry 3-way (L-ported) versions.